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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

Foods That Lower Blood Sugar  - 6 Super Foods for Balance Blood Sugar

Balancing your blood sugar can be a matter of your life or death. The chronic blood high sugar levels are the toxic to your body. It can destroy your organs and blood vessel and then paving a way to the heart attack in type 2 of diabetes, dialysis, stroke, blindness, nerve damage and even erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, to control your blood sugar, you need the proper intake of foods that lower blood sugar. Actually, the losing weight and increasing your exercise are the most effective way to prevent diabetes from type 2. Seasoning your food in a right way also help you stave off the diabetes. So, here I will give you several power foods that lower blood sugar.

Best Foods That Lower Blood Sugar
  1. Blueberries
According to the Journal of Nutrition in 2010, the bioactive ingredients on blueberries can increase the sensitivity to insulin. It can also reduce the risk of diabetes developing in the in risk individuals. Adding the blueberries to your daily smoothies for 6 weeks can improves the sensitivity of insulin, so feel free to eat it in healthy doses of your superfood fruit.
  1. Chia seed
Chia seed is part of the ancient gluten free grain that could stabilize the blood sugar and also manage the diabetes effect. chia seeds can help to improve sensitivity of insulin and aids the symptom that related to the metabolic syndrome. It includes the imbalance of cholesterol, the high blood pressure as well as extreme rises in your blood sugar levels after meals.
  1. Oatmeal
Oatmeal as foods that lower blood sugar can help your body to control the blood sugar. Keep in mind to do not add the sweetened on oatmeal. Oatmeal is high of fiber and slower to digest. It will not raise your blood sugar as much as quickly. It will work great at controlling your blood sugar over time. Oatmeal is a high quality carbohydrate. it offers a steadier energy source than the white bread, so it can help you to weight loss as well.
  1. Cinnamon
Spice your meal or dessert with cinnamon. Cinnamon has the potential to reducing your blood sugar and risk of the type 2 diabetes developing. According to several studies in Meta analysis showed that the cinnamon extract or whole one is a lower fasting blood glucose. It can reduce the fasting blood sugar, triglycerides, total cholesterol and bad LDL cholesterol. However, you have to beware because there are some cinnamon produces the different results. The Saigon cinnamon contains Coumadin high levels, a blood thinner, but the Ceylon cinnamon is safer than that.
  1. Mangos
Perhaps, mangos taste sugary sweet, but very tasty fruits. According to the Journal Nutrition and Metabolic Insight showed that the consumption of 100 grams fresh mango can help to lower blood sugar in obese individuals. Mangos contain over twenty different minerals and vitamins. It includes a vitamin A and C, fiber and folate.
  1. Vinegar
Vinegar has been found to be able to blunt the blood sugar and increase of insulin. People who start a meal with the vinegar have a better blood sugar and insulin profiles by following meals. You can enjoy the apple cider vinegar, but the balsamic vinegar may contain more sugar.
Getting healthy is a must. So, by enjoying those super food to lowering your blood sugar is a big advantages. You have to add those healthy food in every your meal. So, you will feel healthy and great everyday.

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