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Friday, September 12, 2014

Diabetes Diet - Foods To Lower Blood Sugar

What Foods to Lower Blood Sugar

High blood sugar can be first sign to dangerous of health problems. Especially in people with a family history of the disease, it can trigger of diabetes. To prevent the blood sugar from running dangerously high or too low, diabetics should aware the diet. However, adding certain foods give huge impact for those with diabetes to keep sugar levels in check. Recently reported, cinnamon and coffee might be able to cut the risk of diabetes. It improves blood sugar levels.

However, there are some expert warn that it is still no idea that such foods are magic bullets for your diabetics diet. Eat a balanced diabetics diet and exercise is the best can do to manage the disease. There are some foods that can cause a quick spike, white bread for example. Inspite of that, brown rice are causing a lower and gentler change in blood sugar. If you wonder what foods to lower blood sugar, here are six of them you can add to your daily menu to keep your blood sugar lower.  


Oatmeal is best carbohydrate to control blood sugar, but don’t ever put the sweetened in any kind. It is high in soluble finer, won’t raise your blood sugar as much or as quickly and best of all is slower to digest. It works like a charm at controlling blood sugar over time. It helps a lot to lose weight because it offers a steadier source of energy than white bread. For people who tend to be overweight because of type 2 diabetes, glucose control will be significantly improve by reducing the weight. Barley is also high soluble fiber even though it is not as popular as oats. It may help with blood glucose control. As a rice replacement, it is a great choice for person with diabetes.

Spinach, Broccoli, and Green Beans 

Both of three are non starchy vegetables which, high in fiber and also low in carbohydrates. However, there are some starchy vegetables that will be additional nutrients, such as potatoes, peas, winter squash, corn, and lime beans. Stick to proper portion sizes of them are important, because starchy vegetables have more carbohydrates and it can raise blood sugar more. A low-fat vegan diet may help type 2 diabetes patients to better manage the disease. To reduce the need of diabetes medications, 22 weeks of a low-fat vegan diet should be followed. Losing more weight and lowered levels of bad cholesterol can be achieved by vegan group. Eating with heart health is important, because people with diabetes are more prone to heart disease, as much as important to take control blood sugar.


Strawberry could be a healthy snack for people with diabetes, much better choice than a cookie or cakes. Strawberry is low in calories and carbohydrates and also high in finer and water, make feel fuller longer, so that the fewer carbohydrates they will consume overall.

Salmon and Lean Meats 

Food that are high in protein don’t effect blood sugar, so that meats, skinless chicken breast, fish and lean cuts of meat are best to choose for diabetics diets. Salmon contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids is smart choice for people with diabetes. It can help them to avoid die from either stroke or heart attack. Chromium that are found in meat will help to force insulin to function properly and help to metabolize the carbohydrates. Chromium picolinate supplements will help some people with type 2 diabetes to keep blood sugar under control. Talk to the doctor is important to be done before you take the supplements.


Sugar-free sparkling water can be replacement of guzzling diet sodas day after day. They come in many various flavours, including grapefruit, tangerine, and apple-pear. Choosing them that are no carbohydrates or calorie will be wonderful.


A spice that may have insulin-like effects, cinnamon help reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.Cinnamon extract seemed to have a moderate effect in reducing blood sugar levels in diabetics. Cinnamon works to control blood sugar. However, it needs more studies to be done, before doctors can start to recommend.

Counting The Calorie

Eating the right foods is important to understand. Counting how many calories have been consume could be the best to do. It may prevent you from taking in excess food that lead to excessive sugar entering your blood, Find substitute healthier choices will be better instead of completely altering the way you eat.


How exercise is important to control blood sugar. By increasing your metabolic responses and stay fit, exercise is useful to increase your metabolic responses. Walking is an ideal exercise for every people.

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